Open letter to the PM ✍🏼

Mrs May…

I would address you as Theresa, but I’d rather not be on a first name basis with a woman with no backbone, no accountability and most definitely no care for equal wealth distribution – important words if you want to win votes in an election FYI. 

‘Strong and stable’ are the words you’ve assigned to the characteristics of a government fit to make Brexit negotiations. I, along with masses of the British population, believe you are neither strong nor stable. Do you know why? 

Because you don’t know what makes us human. 

You don’t know what it means to prove yourself. 

You don’t have what it takes to get up in front of the British public and debate your reasoning behind wanting to lead the UK through Brexit. 

That’s not a characteristic we’re looking for in a leader, especially a leader that is going to engage in debate with a whole continent on trade and free movement. We need a fighter, an advocate for social justice both within the UK and in Europe. Frankly, you just don’t seem to fit the bill.

So, tell us what we all want to know. What makes you strong and stable? We are no longer willing to accept anything but hard facts. Now, if your answer to that question can only sound like an attack on Jeremy Corbyn and ‘memoirs of an achievement you may or may not have made several years ago’, I’m not interested…WE are not interested. 

Let’s just focus our attention on tax – specifically your ‘dementia tax’. Dementia is a huge issue in today’s society – along with many other physical impairments faced by the elderly in this country. These are those pensioners who cannot leave their beds let alone their homes. These are those pensioners who spent their whole adult lives working and serving this country whilst making immense contributions to the economy as a collective. These are people who now require and deserve a level of care and attention far greater than the majority of us able-bodied, younger individuals. I see this as a real opportunity to invest in state welfare and public healthcare to better the standard of living for those in society who are victims of their age and illness. 

You, Mrs May, seem to see this (much like everything else in your greed-ridden principles) as a business opportunity. An opportunity to once again, tax those who have no fight left in them. Once again, make those ‘all important’ cuts to state welfare through your ridiculous austerity measures. But of course, the term welfare isn’t in your dictionary. I guess we were wrong to think that words like ‘humanity’, ‘fairness’ and ‘stable’ were in there too. I don’t blame anyone for thinking that, after all, they are words you have used over and over again in your campaigns.

Prime Minister, just for this ONE policy, you’ve lost a significant number of votes and you’ve definitely disabled your own campaign. Hmm, should we throw a tax on that? How disgustingly cheap and cowardly must one have to be to drag an elderly, mentally and physically vulnerable person off their seat in society? How dare you. 

There are many things I can go on and say about your disguised classist policies but I’d rather not. I do not wish to promote your abhorrent manifesto and give it more attention than it deserves.

But I will say this. You are NOT a leader. You can stand on a podium in your expensive shoes, hiding behind the words you read from a script attempting to ‘humanise’ your manifesto. But what you cannot do, is negotiate the ‘best possible’ Brexit deal for this country. 

A woman who cannot come out and defend her policies in a live debate in front of those she repeatedly promises to represent (the one place you can really prove yourself), is most certainly not a woman I can trust or a woman who even deserves to speak for the UK. Need I remind you, a ‘difficult woman’ is not a coward. 

I sincerely hope we do not see your face representing this country come June 9th.  



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