Spoken Word Review 🗣 

Recently, I’ve found myself looking at and being in awe of poets around the world engaging in Spoken Word.

I am a huge advocate for this amazing creative space and I highly recommend anyone with an interest in politics and poetry to get into this!

One piece in particular that has really stuck with me ever since I watched it a few weeks ago, is an extremely powerful performance by an 18 year old Indian girl who goes by the name of Aranya Johar. 

Click on the link below to watch this masterpiece:

A brown girl’s guide to gender – Aranya Johar

She speaks from the bottom of her heart and through several experiences. These are  experiences no human should have to go through. These are feelings no one should be made to feel. I can only imagine how mentally crippling it is for a young female to walk to school knowing that stepping outside exposes her to rape, sexualisation and a massive gender gap that she just can’t escape. 

The worst part about this is that it happens in what is meant to be the safest place for young girls – home. Absolutely disgusting.

Females are sexualised from the moment they are old enough to be on their own. It disgusts me and requires immense public attention to combat these issues. 

This is a very important spoken word piece that is explored very articulately and passionately. Aranya spares no feelings in her ‘brown girl’s guide to gender’, spitting bars of truth on the gender inequality and female sexualisation in India. A must-watch, especially if you think gender equality isn’t ‘too much of an issue’. 

Feminism is not a movement, it’s an attitude that unfortunately is not intrinsic to society. It is an attitude that reflects humanity, equality and ethics. Just take a look at the video for yourselves and see how you feel at the end! 

Enjoy 🙌🏼


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