Shoutout to the Youth πŸ‘πŸ»Β 

The suspense is over. Results are in. The dust has settled and I am pleased to be able to say we have all collectively made a dent in UK politics. We, the public, have dragged the UK back in to two-party politics. Well done to us.

Jeremy Corbyn may not have won the majority, but he has definitely weakened Theresa May and the Tories – more than she had weakened herself throughout this election. Personally, this election speaks volumes about the demographics of this country and the passion that young people have for the future of their country!

I was pleasantly surprised by the number of young people that came out and voted – something we haven’t seen much in the past. It just shows how much our generation really can shape this country. We are what is holding this country together. If just voting for a fairer Britain can create a huge impact like this, imagine what we can do if we all actively became more politically savvy and took responsibility for the future of the UK. 

Opinions should be voiced at every opportunity. This is the best opportunity to fight for what is right! I just wanted to say thank you to all those who went out of their way to register to vote in this election – you’ve proved that taking those steps down to your polling station can make every bit of a difference. 

Today, I can say I’m proud to be part of a class of individuals who have shown that they stand for a fairer Britain and will always fight for what is right. Let this be the start of a revolution in British politics and eventually, a more equal society!

This hung parliament is dangling from the noose of its young working class! The power to make change will always be in our hands. 

I am proud to be British. More importantly, I am proud to be YOUNG and British in a time where being young matters. A time where being young is an opportunity to make a change. Embrace it and never stop fighting for what is right. An equal society for one and all. 


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