Neoliberalism Exposed #Justice4Grenfell

The last few months have had me living on edge, with Twitter at my fingertips and the UK News at the forefront of my mind and google search history. 

There has been immense change in this country over this period and I don’t think anyone had had a chance to sit back, recuperate and really understand where we stand as a now ‘openly divided’ country. I can only give you my stance on this as I don’t claim to be an academic writer, just opinions so that’s what I’ll do!

Over the last few months, we have seen terrorist attack upon terrorist attack upon terrorist attack. This week, we saw the deeply saddening and unforgivable (yes you, North Kensington Council) fire blaze across Grenfell Tower leaving few survivors and many casualties and no doubt, fatalities.

The surge of terrorist attacks in the last few months came as we edged closer to the snap election and Theresa May’s embarrassing and historical loss. She failed to win a majority but more importantly – failed to prove herself as a capable leader much less a human (and continues to prove that evil muppets run our country).

So what’s actually changed?

Firstly, I truly believe that the youth and the working class have found a voice. They may not be able to voice it directly – unfortunately the country voted to keep them voiceless. But, they found confidence and solace in a leader that could do that for them and was on a similar human level. Jeremy Corbyn, haters will hate. Please continue to represent freedom and equality. We are with you.

Secondly, those who hadn’t seen through Theresa May initially (for whatever reason – no judgements), have now seen her true character and what she really represents. The run up to the election and the last few weeks have really shown who she is. A pathetic, selfish and extremely incompetent woman who fails to take responsibility for the country she chooses to lead. Anyone who can’t see the Trump in Theresa needs to wake up and smell the tyranny. 

But fear not! Despite the uncovering of the PM’s disgusting character, we have also discovered that the British public is not one to sit back and give up. The terrible bombings in Manchester and London are homage to this. London saw no one stop doing what they do on a daily basis. People went back to work the next day, London did not come to a standstill. This is the nature of the working class that deserves representation. They work their asses off contributing to this country and have the bravest, no f***s given attitude even in the most difficult of times. Throw any one of them into parliament and they’d represent a fairer system than Theresa May any day.  

Last but not least, we have discovered that our emergency services have responded in an absolutely heroic manner over the period of these attacks. This week’s blaze in the Grenfell Tower really proved how undervalued our Fire Service really is! They risk their lives on a daily basis to save the lives of hundreds and are humble and unnecessarily apologetic when they feel they have not been able to save everyone (see heartbreaking message below). They are inspirational people and they are NOT valued enough by the leadership and in decisions of wealth distribution in this country. Let’s talk about it…


Finally, something that has become more and more apparent over the last few days is the fatal withholding of important information and irreversible abuse of power by those in positions of ‘authority’.

I, and my fellow aware individuals, refuse to believe that there is only a death count in the double digits after a blaze spread through a building housing 600 residents! Why is there a huge excess of donations with no one to make use of them? Why are some centres for those that have been displaced empty? Is it because they are in hospital? NO. Is it because they have found their families and been taken in? NO. It’s because the majority of these 600 residents are most likely dead in a fire that spread due to gross negligence on the part of the council and the government. It makes me sick to think that this government still hopes that we will believe that 10% of residents died and the rest are ‘missing’. Do NOT insult families and communities like that. 

They deserve to know.

Questions need to be answered. Families need to be given reparations, and fast. People need to see justice – this was not just a fire. This was an act of deliberate displacement of a humble underclass from no doubt one of the richest boroughs in the country. Justice will be served.

For those who are still happy with the leadership at this point in UK politics (and indeed this post) please tell me why you are happy with a government that rips families apart with the sharp knife of neoliberalism and had the audacity to hide in their sanctuaries when millions of displaced individuals come looking for answers.

Tell me why you are perfectly content living in a country run by snobs who refuse to take a minute out of their supposedly ‘busy’ schedule to empathise and answer your questions.

Tell me why the public of this country can raise circa £2million in donations in 24 hours but the leadership that you support can only set aside a measly £5million to compensate families. 

Spend £10million on a makeover of a seemingly deliberately unsafe block, and spend £5million to rehouse, reclothe, reinstate and recover families? That is insulting and abominable. 

So, we have to come to learn a lot about our country and it’s leadership over the last few months. If you didn’t have time to process it, I think you should take a minute and see where you think this country has gone wrong and see if you actually have something to say about the way politics has dealt with humans recently. 


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